Stainless Fittings Group (SFG)

Stainless Fittings Group (SFG) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and supplier of quality stainless steel pipe fittings, plate flanges and custom fabrications for the food & dairy, beverage, chemical, and semiconductor industries.

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Based in South Carolina, Stainless Fittings Group (SFG) is an ISO 9001:2015 approved manufacturer of stainless steel stub ends. SFG also manufactures quality stub ends in various grades, plate flanges, angle face rings, bleed rings and concentric reducers. In addition, SFG is capable of CNC milling and turning a wide range of parts to custom specifications.

Offering competitive pricing and agile manufacturing capabilities, put SFG's decades of experience to work for you on your next project.


SFG Stainless Steel Stub Ends

Stub Ends

Stainless Steel (304/316)
- Type A, B, C,
- 0.5"-24" in WPW or WPS, ASA/MSS length
Carbon Steel
- Type A, 0.5"-24" in ASA/MSS Length
Alloy 20, 200/201, 400, 600:
- Type A
- 0.5"-12"
- Type A
- 0.5"-8"
Other Stainless Alloys (310/317/321)
- Available upon request.

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SFG Plate Flanges

Plate Flanges, Angle Face Rings, Concentric Reducers

Stainless Steel Plate Flange (304/316)
- 0.5" - 26"
Angle Face Rings
- 0.5"-12"
Concentric Reducers:
- Stainless and Carbon
- 0.5"-12"

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