Employee Spotlight – Charlotte Kula

Charlotte Kula is the Corporate Controller for the Texas Pipe Family of Companies, overseeing the financial reporting and accounts payable departments. She joined Texas Pipe in 2019 during the acquisitions of MultAlloy and Alloy Piping Products.

” I came to Texas Pipe in 2019 during the acquisitions of MultAlloy and APP. I am proud of the team I’ve developed over these years in terms of training, knowledge, and development. Being a privately held company, Texas Pipe has a family feel. They demonstrate care for their employees, vendors, and customers without compromising their ethical standards and professionalism.”

Motivation and confidence are essential leadership skills that Charlotte practices with her team. She wants them to feel valued and be able to come work in an environment that enhances their well-being.

“The owners and management team lead by example and work closely with their employees. They recognize hard work and loyalty and are approachable and collaborative with their open-door policy. They make everyone feel that they are a vital part to the success of Texas Pipe. Watching the owners’ work hands-on is infectious and contagious and makes me want to work harder.”

The continuous growth of the company challenges Charlotte and her team every day, giving them the opportunity to develop and strengthen current or implement new strategies to satisfy the company’s needs. Her advice to anyone entering the industry is to keep an open mind and be willing to learn.

“I am truly blessed to be a part of the Texas Pipe Family and hope for their continued success! I hope to retire with this family.”

Charlotte is originally from Lebanon, speaks English and Arabic and is proficient in French. She graduated from the University of Tennessee and holds a bachelor’s degree in finance with a minor in accounting.

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