Texas Pipe & Supply Opens New Branch in Tukwila, WA

Tukwila, WA, Feb. 5, 2024 – The Texas Pipe Family of Companies is happy to announce the opening of a new Texas Pipe & Supply branch in Tukwila, WA. This new location is currently working on stocking a wide range of carbon and stainless steel pipe, fittings, flanges, and valves, as well as tubing products.

“We’re meeting with customers to meet more specific needs, but we’re looking forward to stocking stainless steel pipe, valves, fittings; carbon steel fittings, flanges, and valves; and tubing and tube fittings,” says Jeff Hicks, branch manager of the new location.

Customers on the West Coast and Pacific Northwest will greatly benefit from the wide range of PVF inventory that will be available for distribution through the Texas Pipe Family of Companies. The branch is 20 minutes south of Seattle and accessible from multiple highways – Hwy 90, Hwy 99, and I-5.

“Being on the West Coast with UPS pickup later in the day means we can be a branch that can still get emergency orders out when other branches are closed. We’re roughly 45 minutes from the Port of Tacoma and less than 3 hours away from Portland. We’re really close to key customers, and it’s also a great staging area for Alaska, Hawaii, and territories further North.”

Jeff Hicks, a carbon steel expert, is leading the strategic growth of the new branch. Hicks has been a part of the Texas Pipe Family of Companies for 10 years, with nine years leading the Dodson Global branch in Houston, Texas.

“The new branch is open and staffed now, and customers have already started calling and placing orders. We are just waiting on final approvals to start stocking up the shelves. We have quite a selection already here with more inventory coming in over the next few weeks.”

To contact the new Tukwila, WA branch, please call (206) 653-9494.

The Texas Pipe Family of Companies looks forward to providing customers with continued, exceptional service and product availability under the Texas Pipe & Supply name.

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