Benefits of Carbon Pipe

In 2021, the world produced more than 1.9 billion tons of crude steel to meet global industrial production demands. Almost every industry uses carbon steel pipe during production due to its versatility, durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. Carbon pipe can be any alloy that includes iron, up to 2 percent carbon, and any other elements.


The higher carbon content gives the steel a lower melting point, giving it the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions associated with pressure, temperature, and corrosion. Above and below-ground projects can safely use carbon pipe to transport liquid, gas, and steam services.


Carbon steel pipe contains up to 2 percent of carbon content, as its name implies. The carbon component is what gives steel its strength. It is also shock resistant and not easily affected by harsh environmental conditions. Texas Pipe stocks welded A53A-grade carbon pipe best used to transport air, water, steam, and oil in low or medium-pressure industrial projects.


Carbon steel pipe can withstand stress in heavy-duty industries like infrastructures, ships, distillers, and chemical equipment. Carbon steel pipe can easily connect to joints, valves, and other pipe fittings by being cut and bent to fit wherever it is needed.


Carbon steel pipe can be made thinner and with less material than other types of pipes while maintaining a greater carrying capacity. The seamless carbon pipe stocked by Texas Pipe ranges in size from 1/8″- 26″. The welded carbon pipe is available in sizes 1/2″-48″ sch.10, STD, and XH.

Texas Pipe Stocks Carbon Pipe

Texas Pipe & Supply understands the demands of customers. As a result, they have 11 locations serving different parts of the United States. They carry both seamless and welded carbon steel pipe in varying dimensions and can be customized to the customer’s project requirements. Texas Pipe also offers end finish and coating options including a black plain end, galvanized plain end, threaded and coupled in black or galvanized end, pipe grooving, and more.

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