National Engineers Week

lsoniwFebruary 19th – 25th is National Engineers Week, which gives the Texas Pipe Family of Companies the opportunity to recognize our talented engineers!

National Engineers Week is a time each February when we recognize the talented engineers that make our integrated manufacturing solutions possible. In support of National Engineers Week, we are featuring the talented engineers of APP for the next two weeks.

Brandan Brown joined Alloy Piping Products shortly after graduating from Louisiana Tech University last year. As a new engineer, he is still learning his way around the industry and has enjoyed the environment that APP offers him to grow in his career.

“To succeed in this industry, we need adaptability and a willingness to learn and heed the advice given to us. There is always something interesting going on, with requests and projects coming in every day.”

Brandan’s interest in engineering started with automobiles and their designs. Although APP doesn’t make automobiles, we do manufacture products found in major infrastructures around the nation.

During his senior year of college, Will Bordelon joined APP as a summer intern. He continued interning part-time until he completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Louisiana Tech University.

After graduating, Will was offered an accepted full-time position as an engineer. “My job consists of office work and fieldwork, which includes anything from managing a project on the shop floor to designing 3D models on CAD software at my desk. I am always learning new lessons and principles that I apply in my work. With a network of companies this size, I am confident I will have many opportunities for professional growth. ”

Nicholas Wilson joined APP in June 2022 after being accepted as a summer intern. He completed his internship while continuing his education. He graduated in the same year, making him eligible to be hired as a full-time engineer at APP.

“I became an engineer because I enjoy tinkering and design. I am now working in a fast-paced manufacturing environment that requires good problem-solving skills and the ability to manage multiple projects at once.”


Daniel Amire-brahmi, P.E., joined Alloy Piping Products in 2016. He is the Senior Manufacturing Engineer. Before joining APP, he worked for an oilfield services company while studying for his Professional Engineering License. As an engineer, he enjoys the daily challenges that push him to improve their processes and equipment.

“Engineering is a link between production and quality. We can have treatment issues one day and design a new product line another day. Larger companies with thousands of engineers only do one thing for the rest of their lives. Not here. We have our hands in virtually every facet of the product and I enjoy that every day is a new challenge.”

Daniel encourages future engineers to understand that mistakes will happen and how you handle them will determine your future as an engineer.

Rodjerick Larry joined the Alloy Piping Products family in 2021, shortly after graduating from Louisiana Tech University with a Master of Science in Engineering and Industrial Management. Rod’s skills have made him instrumental in the development of our Preventative Maintenance Program.

“As an engineer at APP, I enjoy the challenge of managing different projects and working on the outcomes. We handle multiple projects a day for this company and not being tasked with the same type of work every day is great.”

Rod is highly involved with the engineering internship program at APP and is always eager to answer technical questions that students may have about engineering. In his free time, Rod volunteers as a program director for a male mentoring program encouraging high school students to pursue college or technical careers.

Stacy Bellow joined the engineering team at Alloy Piping Products as the Quality Assurance Manager less than a year ago. She is a dedicated engineer driven by her commitment to finding solutions and providing support to her team to achieve success.

As the quality assurance manager, she ensures that manufacturing processes follow production standards. To be able to handle everyday needs, a quality assurance manager needs a strong communication model.

“I became an engineer because there is always a need for them and I enjoy the challenges that come with the job. Being an engineer in this industry requires three skills – problem solving, be able to communicate effectively with people, and prioritize task and project management.”

Stacy is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a member of the United States Army.

Alloy Piping Products (APP) is a domestic manufacturer of carbon, high yield, low temp, stainless, nickel alloy, and chrome butt-weld fittings, found on many major AML approval lists. Manufactured in Shreveport, LA with quick-response capabilities, APP fittings are available through distribution from the Texas Pipe Family of Companies network.

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