Texas Pipe & Supply Acquires Woodco USA

Houston, TX (October 17, 2022) – Texas Pipe & Supply finalized the acquisition of Woodco USA, a manufacturer of oilfield industry products used to adapt, space apart, and join together pressure control equipment. The acquisition will strengthen Woodco USA’s current business relationships and will welcome new partnerships to the Family of Companies.

Since the acquisition, Texas Pipe named Jeremy Smith as Vice President of Woodco USA. Smith served in the United States Marine Corps from 2003-2011, graduated from the University of Texas-Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Economics in 2010, and obtained an Executive MBA in Global Energy from the University of Houston in 2017.

Founded in 1918, the Texas Pipe Family of Companies has been in business serving customers for 104 years. Our expansion is an effort to better serve current and new customers across different sectors and industries.


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